About the Undergraduates


The Chapter was started after the February 2007 Sigma Chi Province meeting held at the University of Delaware. At this meeting a group of Gamma Chi alumni went hoping to hear that the re-colonization of Sigma Chi at Maryland was ‘around the corner.’ While getting Gamma Chi started again was of interest it did not appear to be a high, short term priority.

The Gamma Chi chapter of Sigma Chi had a leadership role at the University of Maryland for decades. When the fraternity was removed from the University there were several efforts to keep Gamma Chi alumni active and united. The Annual Sigma Chi Golf Outing was and is the largest effort. There were also various reunions and parties that kept smaller groups together.

The group attending the University of Delaware meeting decided to combine the various Sigma Chi/Gamma Chi groups into a formal organization and focus the organization on bringing Sigma Chi back to the University of Maryland.