House Corporation


The Gamma Chi Chapter House, Corporation (House Corp) is the legal entity that leases the Sigma Chi Chapter House at #14 Fraternity Row from the University.  The House Corp in turn rents rooms to members of Sigma Chi wishing to live in the Chapter House, as well as provides 15 meals per week with a full-time chef through our catering service. The House Corp also contracts with a third party for the daily cleaning of all common areas throughout the House.

The University, as our landlord, provides all maintenance and landscaping services to the House Corp. In addition, we have a House Director who lives in the Chapter House full-time. The House Director is a graduate student who is hired by the University with input from the House Corp and the Chapter.

The House Corp has a Board of Directors comprised of five Gamma Chi alumni volunteers. The Board meets once a semester, usually after Investiture, and has an annual meeting every fall, open to all Gamma Chi alumni.

The Board of Directors of the Gamma Chi Chapter House, Corporation  are:

  •    Zach Gonnsen ‘10 (President)
  •    James Haviland ’11 (Vice President)
  •    Dayne Warshofsky ’13
  •    Matt Young ’10
  •   Robert “Dunkle” Lehmkuhl ’74