JP Bishop ’87: Life lessons and lifelong bonds

Thinking back on his time at Maryland, JP Bishop ’87 sums it up this way: “College is for a formal education. Sigma Chi is for life lessons.” 

He remembers joining a house known around campus for “brotherhood and athletics” and recalls many good memories made on the “basketball court in our back yard and on the couch in front of the television.” There was a lot of time for fun, but also many opportunities to learn. 

“Living in a house with 50 brothers leaves a mark. Having Sigma Chi plus a focus on athletics taught me so many lessons that I still use today about working, winning, and also losing.”  

The fraternity also left him with lifelong friendships that carry forward to this day. “If I needed one of my brothers, they’d be there for me. Before I was even pledged, I was invited to province weekend at Lehigh U. I met so many people that are still my best friends on that trip. 

But the relationships JP formed through Sigma Chi didn’t stop at brotherhood: “I met my wife playing on the coed volleyball team I organized with Delta Gamma. She was our Sweetheart and is still mine.” 

They have three children, aged 31, 29, and 12. An attorney and auto dealer, JP describes himself as “busy running a business and raising our gift child.”